About Met-Tile Roofing

Met-tile Roofing Is One Of Australia's leading roofing manufacturer for sheet metal tile roofing

Our clients come to us with many questions about metal roofs, materials, roof designs, metal tile colours, and environmentally green roof solutions, and more. But underneath all of these questions is one simple goal: "I want a great looking roof that stands up to the weather and lasts decades, yet is good for the environment too."

It's a good thing you've found Met-Tile Roofing. We are one of Australia's leading roofing manufacturers for metal tile roofs. We bring you the steel you know and trust with a difference, custom made, using COLORBOND® steel and UNICOTE® steel to transform sheet metal into pressed tile roofs. Met-tile sheets are .950mm wide with an .880mm cover and .55mm tensile strength, making your new roof not only more cost effective than corrugated roofing sheets but is durable and long lasting.

Are you interested in saving money over the lifetime of your roof? Many of our clients come to us for this reason as well. When you have Met-tile Roofing installed it means your total cost of ownership is lower than any other types of roofs you could install. You won't have to deal with pesky insects, fading and cracking, or extreme solar damage.

But perhaps the biggest reason our customers love us is the top shelf experience we provide to anyone involved in the construction of your home's roof. We work with individual homeowners, builders, roof installers, designers, architects, developers, and property managers.

Each of us at Met-tile are dedicated to serving you, and we will do whatever it takes to ensure you (or your client) love the roof over your head for as long as you own your home. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and look forward to having you experience the best roof available.

Frankly, living in Australia means you and your home will face many challenges over the years. Worrying about the roof over your head shouldn't be one of them. That's why the staff at Met-tile are here. Contact us today and ask for recommendations for the construction or remodel of your roof. We guarantee you will love your roof!

Metal Tile Roofing

Our Story

Metile Roofing had been trading for over 4 years, before re-branding and becoming Met-Tile Roofing in the month of March 2017.

Met-tile Roofing (Alias - Met-tile)  will trade in the Australian market manufacturing and distributing metal tile roofing sheets for residential and commercial buildings.

Met-tile source their steel coils from to major suppliers - COLOBOND® steel and UNICOTE® steel.

We are passionate about quality and getting the right solution for our customers all the while remaining a 100% Australian operator owned and run small business.

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