Decramastic Tiles

This question gets asked a lot. What is Decramastic Tiles? Well Decramastic tiles are pressed metal tile sheets made from galvanised steel with a bitumen coating. They generally came in 1.2m wide and one tile profile high. They were very popular around the 1970’s till about the 1980’s.
Why they are not used anymore in Australia?
Basically the tiles don’t stand up against the harsh Australian weather conditions. Decramastic tile roofs were/are renowned for leaking and causing endless water damage to homes. The bitumen coating would crack from hail and other weather elements causing even more damage. They would also lose their aesthetic look overtime leaving it looking worn and tiresome.


Decramastic tiles

Do you need to replace your Decramastic roof but don’t want concrete tiles or the corrugated look?
Do you still want to keep the tile look but can’t have the weight of concrete tiles?

Metile Roofing has the solution for you. At Metile we have combined the sleek look of the concrete tile with the popular corrugated steel you know and trust. The finished product……Metal Tile Roofing.

Not to get confused with the galvanised steel product of the decramastic tiles, you’ll find that Metile Roofing is a very resilient and attractive product, as it was designed to comply with Australian standards for long-lasting colour retention  and formability. The sleek modern style of the metal tile will simply add beauty and value to your home. Best of all it’s 100% Australian made product.


Metile – metal tile roofing

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  1. Peter Henderson on November 7, 2018 at 4:02 am

    I have a decramastic roof that needs replacing on the sunshine coast. Do you service Sunshine coast ? Can you use the existing battens (approx 45×45 hardwood ) at approx 420mm crs. I have a two tier gable roof with total area of approx 375 sq m. Can you provide a rough estimate of cost.

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