An In-depth Comparison between Steel Roofing options

Metal Tile Roof vs Corrugated Roofs, an In-depth Comparison

One of the biggest differences between metal tile roofs and traditional corrugated roofing is in the appearance. The look of a metal tile roof compares to a concrete tile roof which i say is a huge improvement over the look of the corrugated steel roofs. Some have said this is “A bold innovation in steel roofing “, offering homeowners the benefits of strong, lightweight steel in a style which echoes popular European tile profiles. Why not have durability and style? Win win.

Unlike corrugated roofing Met-tile’s roofing is specifically designed to prevent any water leaks at the joins of every single sheet. The sheets have a double groove design preventing any water from entering into the ceiling and walls, thus no damage to your home, furnishings, carpet and personal possessions.

Durability  would have to be Met-tile’s biggest selling point due to their research to find a suitable steel to fit with our Australian weather. In doing so Met-tile use nothing less then .55mm high tensile steel roofing. AS/NZ recommendation is .42mm, (maybe this needs to re looked at) i know which one i’d choose.

There is no doubt that this product has the edge on design and style but when you combine the added strength of our high tensile sheeting, no one can offer you anything comparable in a modern new roof that will add not only add beauty but value to your build.

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