Metal Tile Roofs vs Concrete Tiles

Metal roofing has advanced a great deal in the past 50 years. Met-tile uses a far superior roofing style than concrete tiles. It’s far more convenient, longer lasting and much more easily maintained. Metal tile roofs are a much better option for residential homes and commercial structures than concrete and corrugated roofs and here’s why:

  • Appearance – All roofs will fade over time whether it’s made of concrete or metal. However unlike concrete tiles, metal tile roofing will never become brittle, crack, rot, grow fungus and absorb moisture. It will never allow water to leak into your home. Your metal tile roof will be screwed down securely, not held together with tile clips. Metal roofing will keep a newer appearance much longer than concrete and it’s less expensive to buy, install and maintain.


  • Easier and quicker Installation – Covering your roof with concrete tiles is very time consuming and requires quite a lot of labour. Because of the heavy weight of concrete, your structure must be strong enough in order to take the weight of concrete tiles. Metal tile is much more convenient as the material is available in full length sheets, its light weight, fast and simple to fit. Metal tiles are much easier to maintain than concrete tiles. It’s stronger and more durable in hail and wind storms. This adds to your peace of mind that your roof will keep you and your home safe during harsh weather.


  • Eco Friendly – Metal roofs are energy efficient as they reflect sunlight, reducing your energy consumption and related costs. You are able to insulate directly under the metal sheets, which helps reduce the heat coming in. This gives your home a higher R -Value rating.


  • Cost – Good quality metal tile roofing costs a lot less than concrete tile roofing. You save on the labour costs for installing. It also adds value to your home as well as reducing utility bills. Metal tile roofs are also guaranteed for longer periods of time as they are more durable than concrete.


  • Performance – While concrete tiles are strong in the beginning, metal tiles are both strong and resilient. They do not change over time. Metal tile roofs do not require match maintenance and they do not crack under pressure like concrete tiles are known to do.In the event of a hail storm, the damage to a concrete tiled roof can be extreme. The tiles tend to crack which allows water to leak into the home, coming in from the ceilings. This will cause damage to wall and window coverings, furniture and accessories, flooring and carpeting. Mould can set in which further ruins your home and possessions, not to mention your health.

Quality MET-TILE Concrete Tile
Last for 30 years YES NO
Designed to withstand the harsh Australian Climate YES NO
Wide range of colours YES NO
Chips and Cracks NO YES
Quick and Easy to install YES NO
Needs to be resealed every few years NO YES
Light Weight YES NO


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