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The Technical Facts behind the product



  • Popular for carports, sheds and homes
  • Deep ribs provide excellent spanning capability and water carrying capacity
  • High water carrying capacity permits very low roof pitch
  • Available in COLORBOND® colours and UNICOTE® colours


COLORBOND® steel in accordance with AS/NZ 2728:2013 AM100,  100g/m2

UNICOTE® steel in accordance with AS/NZ 2728:2013, 150gms/m2

  • Base metal thickness (BMT) - .48
  • Tensile strength (MPa) - .55
  • Mass (kg/linear mtr) - 4.63


  • Based on "normal"foot traffic and wind resistance
  • Building 7m in height, 1000m2 in area unaffected by topography
  • Roofing - Pressed metal COLORBOND® steel and UNICOTE® steel
  • Max span - .350


  • Lay sheets into the prevailing wind with a side lap of 1 crest
  • Turn pans up at crest with 65mm overhang into gutter
  • Pierce fixing through crest for roofing
  • Walk only in the pans on the purlins/battens to minimise damage
  • Fix 6 screws/sheets at all ends and internal supports



  • All fastener screws must conform to AS3566 class 3
  • Screws have a hexagon head with neoprene dealing washers
    • Into timber - 12-11 65mm Type 17
    • Into battens up to .75mm - M6.2x50 self drilling
    • Into steel over .75mm - 12gx45mm - self drilling

Further Technical Information

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